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About Goldfield Bulldogs~

Hello, I'm Heather. My mother Mickey and I began in this breed 3 years ago, but are pretty new to the breeding side of it. We have learned so much since we started. We have had hard times and good times, and have gain a decent amount of knowledge about the bulldog breed. We are small kennel with only one stud and three females. We only produce a maximum of few litters a year. We are not a political breeder and we will not hide information or breed strictly for looks and conformation. Nor are we a large kennel breeder or line breeder that produces many litters a year.
*Our goal is to make your puppy buying experience as knowledgeable, fun and easy as possible. We want you too feel as confident in the puppy you are purchasing as possible.
*We breed for health, temperament and then conformation of the breed in that order.
*We want people to see how wonderful this breed is, and are willing to share any information we have on the breed. Never hesitate to Email us your questions or concerns.

I have been basically a stay at home mom for the last three years, after moving from Apache Junction, Arizona to Goose Creek, South Carolina to Chesapeake, Virginia and now back home to Apache Junction only this time I'm here to stay. My husband is in the Navy and over seas right now, and I take care of our two sons. We purchased a home on an acre and a quarter of land, near my mother at the base of the Goldfield Mountains. Mom and I work very close together with our bulldogs, making sure they get all the love an attention they need. We also have a Koi business we run out of my mother's home. We breed and sell Koi and water plants.


Andre is the first bulldog that I adopted. I got him from a back yard breeder not knowing anything about the breed. I had just always wanted one and thought he was cute. We ended up buying him, thinking that he would be the beginning of our breeding program when we got that far. Unfortunately, that would not happen, because three days after we took him home we went to the vet that the breeder recommend and the vet said Andre had Demodectic Mange. This is a hereditary disease passed on through Dam or Sire. Long story short the breeder was not helpful at all, he just wanted me to destroy the puppy and I did not. After spending a couple thousand dollars on vet specialist for skin issues and not getting anywhere, I decided I'm going to treat him my way and see how it goes. He basically bounced right back, grew all his hair back, and looks pretty normal now. I fixed Andre and he is strictly my pet and the reason I started breeding because he is the most amazing dog I have ever had. Because he has Demodectic Mange he basically has no immune system, and so he as also contracted valley fever. I call him my genetic mess, and the Bulldog that taught me so very much. He is my special angel.


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