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Goldfield Bulldog Females~


Lillain Bubbles; is our first female bulldog. She has the sweetest personality. She is so very mellow and basically follows my mother or I around the house all day, and is great with kids. She has several champions in her pedigree and is overall a great Dam we wouldn't trade her for anything.
Weight: 48 Lbs
Color: Light Fawn Brindle, And White
Birthday: 7-11-04


Thunder Bolt Biscuit; is our second female. She is the alpha female and thinks she owns everything. She has to have a very soft bed to sleep in at night and because she snores so loud she sleeps in her own room. She is more independent than Lillian, but is still a lover when it's time to snuggle. She is our biggest female, and loves to wrestle on the ground with her human friends. She also has several champions in her pedigree, and is a great looking Dam.
Weight: 63.9lbs
Color: Red And White With Black Mask
Birthday: 6-05-2004


Scarlet is the newest addition to the family. She is a rare black and white bulldog, with a great pedigree. Scarlet is the biggest clown, and is so loving and sweet to everyone. She has had amazing patients with our new litter and I think will be a great mother when we breed her. She is only 4 months old, so breeding is down the road for her.
Black and white
Adult wieght around 45lbs


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