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Goldfield Bulldog Kennel~


Our kennel is an 8 x 12 foot enclosed house completely insolated, with air-conditioning and heat. The Bulldogs have a doggie door they can go in and out at all times. Each dog that stays in the kennel has their own crate that they like to sleep in. All of our Bulldogs basically crate trained themselves. The small house is surrounded by a 20 foot by 70 foot fenced running area with a table they like to sit on and a small children's pool they can get in when it's hot. They have many toys to play with, and a platform they like to lay on to sun themselves on. Two of the bulldogs go back and forth from the kennel to my home, where they sleep in my room at night. The other three usually stay at Grandmas house in the kennel or they go in the main house for some good quality loving time. We keep new babies inside; they have there own little kennel area inside where mother stays with them most of the time, until they are at least 8 weeks of age. Our kennel is cleaned every day and is sanitized once a week inside and out. In the outside run area we lay ¾ inch of gravel about once a year and it gets rolled and raked to keep dust down.



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