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Your Home, Household & Family Deserve the Best

Old, leaky roofs cause mold. Worn-out or damaged shingles can't protect you. 

If you care for your happiness, your health, your family, and your future, don't wait to re-roof! A network of contractors is here to install your solid, beautiful new roof, made to withstand the hot summers, freezing winters, humidity, and brutal storms.

Whether replacing an old roof, or just installing a new one, here's the process you'll go through.

Tear Off Your Old Roof

Shabby Roof
Why suffer a day longer under a shabby roof? Hire a roofer to tear all those old problems completely off.

Choose Your Style

New Shingles
You can take pride in a roof with shingles of the perfect color. It's style and solidity -- and it stays that way for a long, long time. It raises your home's value.

Install Your New Roof

Contractors working on a roof
Skilled contractors know exactly what your local community wants from a roof. They diligently work on your roof to make your project a shining success.

What Sets Our Roofers Apart?

The roofer selected to service your neighborhood has been carefully vetted on the key principles of the SteelShield Way:

  • Licensed, bonded & insured contractors
  • Better Business Bureau Accreditation
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Excellence in enriching and beautifying communities
  • Community reputation, history, experience & expertise
  • Flexibility in financing options
  • Offers a variety of shingle options, including the one that's best for YOUR home

With credentials like these, you can be confident that your roof will be installed skillfully, it'll be built to last, and you'll find your material/color recommendations an excellent match. To top it all off: fair, reasonable rates.

Group of Roofers

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Our roofers are located in Birmingham, Alabama and the local area within 25 miles of the city.
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